Absorbent disposable non-slip floor mats

Disposable absorbent theatre mats

Absorbent Disposable Floor Mats were developed with staff and patient safety in mind. Absorbent Disposable Theatre Mats help to keep floors clean, dry, and slip-free during operating room procedures; trauma; during transplants; in scrub areas; in emergency rooms; and in laboratories. 

Sirane's Absorbent Disposable Floor Mats can be used in both wet and dry situations (they can be thrown down onto existing spillages) - giving a high degree of flexibility.

They are economical and made specifically for high traffic areas. One mat eliminates time-consuming clean-up and disposal is simple - it burns easily and cleanly. Absorbent Disposable Floor Mats are a simple but effective product that reduces the risk of slipping or falling on wet floors - a highly absorbent mat that quickly absorbs fluids while conforming to uneven floor surfaces without bunching. Each mat will absorb and retain a significant amount of liquid.

There are no super absorbent powders therefore Absorbent Floor Theatre Mats retain their shape, don’t expand or swell, and once wet the product holds to the surface through capillary action. This produces a low-slip surface, making the mat highly absorbent, quick wicking and above all safe.

Sirane’s Absorbent Disposable Floor Mats are suitable for use in: operating room procedures; trauma; transplants; scrub areas; emergency room areas, and laboratories.

Two versions of our Absorbent Disposable Floor Mat are available - standard with a 3-litre absorbency (per metre sq), and superior with a 5-litre absorbency (per metre sq), and they are available in three sizes: 600x400; 1000x600; and 1200x600, as well as on a roll 600mm wide. Custom sizes are available on request.

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Absorbent non-slip disposable floor mats  Absorbent disposable non-slip floor mats

ABOVE: Our absorbent non-slip disposable floor mats are normally used white-side up, blue-side down. Perforations on the blue layer allow liquid to be soaked up from below, and mean the mat can be thrown down onto wet surfaces.


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