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PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Nylon autoclaving/sterilisation bags & pouches

SIRANE’S nylon sterilisation/autoclaving pouches & bags have superior abrasion and tear resistance and can be used in chemical, autoclave, dry heat and radiation sterilisation procedures. They remain clear throughout the procedure allowing visibility of contents.

The Sterilisation/Autoclaving Pouches & Bags come with a double-sided tape for sealing and an easy-tear bottom for opening. Sterilisation/Autoclaving Pouches & Bags can also be supplied with a control strip which changes colour to indicate sterilisation is complete.

Jonathan Mason, business development manager, said: “Our bags are used for a variety of sterilisation and clean-room procedures. They protect medical and dental instruments from contamination and are both puncture and chemical resistant.

“The nylon material used for these pouches & bags meets all FDA and EU requirements.”

Sterilisation/Autoclaving Pouches & Bags can be used in medical and dental environments.

Highly resistant to abrasion and tearing

- Suitable for chemical, autoclave, dry-heat and radiation sterilisation

- Easy to seal, and easy to open

Can be supplied with sterilisation control strip which changes colour when process is complete

- Meet FDA/EU regulations surrounding sterilisation

- Range of sizes available to suit dental and medical uses          

Sirane is an innovative packaging design, development, manufacture and solutions company which specialises in areas including absorbency, compliant diagnostic specimen transportation and nylon.  

For more information on any product in our medical and healthcare range, contact Jonathan Mason on +44 1952 230055 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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