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Revolutionary disinfection system among our Med-Tech offering

SIRANE has just returned from Med-Tech 2015 held at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry where among the products on display was an incredibly powerful and revolutionary non-chlorine disinfection system - Sira-Care DiffX, the latest addition to the Sirane medical portfolio.

DiffX eliminates all surface contamination 100% and has the potential to revolutionise global infection control. Sirane has joined forces with West-Yorkshire-based MTP Innovations to market and further develop DiffX – a simple-to-use yet 100% effective cleaning and disinfection solution.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “Sira-Care DiffX was one of a number of products on show at Med-Tech, where perhaps not-surprisingly it generated a bit of a stir, as it is something very different, and a product that has real potential to make a difference to infection control.

“In fact MTP Innovations has developed a product capable of revolutionising infection control on a global scale. As a complete disinfection system it has everything a user could need: it eliminates all bacteria, viruses and spores; it is non-chlorine based; it is non-corrosive; it is easy to use, and it is cost-effective."

DiffX truly represents a new generation of infection control. It is non-chlorine-based, non-corrosive, cleans and disinfects at the same time, and used correctly eliminates all surface contamination 100% – including MRSA and viruses, C Diff spores, Norovirus, TB and Mycrobacteria.

It can save users money by keeping wards clean, disinfected and infection free, reducing the number of lost bed days, the cost of decontamination, cost of antibiotics and treatments, staff sickness and temporary staff. As it is non-corrosive it also maximises equipment use.

Jonathan Mason, business development manager, said: “At Med-Tech Sirane also took a number of other products, including those using our specialism in absorbency.

“These included our absorbent tourniquet drapes, disposable non-slip theatre mats, dental saliva absorbers, and BenchGuard Advanced highly absorbent spillage protection.

“We also showed our range of compliant diagnostic specimen transportation solutions, including 95 kPa transport bags, and absorbent pads and specimen pouches.”

For more information on any of the products in the Sirane Medical & Healthcare range, emailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact our office in the UK on +44 1952 230055. Information on all products, medical & non-medical, can be found at www.sirane.com

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