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First-ever visit to Med-Tech for Sirane

SIRANE’S recently expanded medical & healthcare portfolio - which includes a range of products that take full advantage of the company’s expertise in absorbency – will be exhibited when Sirane makes its first ever visit to Med-Tech.

Sirane Medical & Healthcare division’s range of products has seen a number of recent additions – including absorbent mortuary products, incontinence sheets & liners, SafetyGel super absorbent products, nylon sterilisation pouches and biohazard waste bags.

These new additions complement an established range of products including diagnostic specimen transportation packaging, disposables including absorbent tourniquet drapes, theatre mats and saliva absorbers, and absorbent spillage protection with BenchGuard.

Med-Tech 2015 runs from April 29-30 at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry, and includes an exhibition, conference, business awards and seminars during the two-day show.

Simon Balderson, managing director, said: “Med-Tech is our first medical trade show and we’re really looking forward to introducing our products to some new markets and new customers. We have specialist knowledge perfect for the medical industry.”  

Sirane is a highly innovative product development-to-manufacture company based in Telford, Shropshire. It has four divisions: food packaging; medical and healthcare; industrial and horticultural. The company can supply anywhere across the world.

Jonathan Mason, business development manager, said: “As a company we have a number of specialisms, including absorbency and working with nylon materials, and the new products in the range reflect the work we do and recent development work.

“We are introducing a range of mortuary/funeral absorbents, for example, in which we can offer pads, mortuary liners, coffin liner, casket liners and absorbent wadding. However, we can also integrate odour-control and anti-bacterial properties, so we’re able to use the company’s expertise to also offer products that are not currently on the market.”

A specialism in absorbency is also the key to the new range of incontinence sheets/ liners, which like the mortuary products, are available in a range of shapes/sizes/absorbency levels.

Jonathan Mason added: “Our work with nylon has seen us add nylon medical/dental sterilisation pouches and bags – nylon offers superior abrasion and tear resistance – and nylon bags for the safe disposal of contaminated and hazardous waste.

“And of course we still have our existing range, which we continue to develop, including a suite of diagnostic specimen transportation solutions under the Safe-Hold banner.”

Sirane’s range of Safe-Hold products are designed to ensure full compliance with legislation surrounding specimen transportation – removing the risks associated with packaging failure.

Safe-Hold offers a range of absorbent solutions – including pads, pouches and 95 kPa bags – which will enable the user to meet guidelines such as Packing Instruction 650. The 95 kPa bags have been independently tested, and are available in sizes up to A4.

Safe-holdabsorbent pads and pouches are available in a wide range of sizes with absorbency levels calculated to meet all requirements. They are available with a leak-proof adhesive closure, puncture resistance, printed tracking information and other features.

As well as 24-hour manufacturing, the company has a team with a range of expertise, working in product development across all four sectors and who thrive on a challenge.

Jonathan Mason added: “Sirane is a product development company, and we are always happy to hear from companies who want us to work with them on developing the exact product they need, and we thrive on a challenge – so please get in touch.

“At Sirane we always say we make the product you want, not the product we want to make, we want the customer to be 100% happy the product is perfect for their needs.”

For more information on any of the products in the Sirane Medical & Healthcare range, emailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact our office in the UK on +44 1952 230055. Information on all products, medical & non-medical, can be found at www.sirane.com

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